About Conviction

Conviction promotes the sound administration of justice and proper administration of the law for the public benefit by providing advocacy and assistance to members of the public, informing and educating policymakers, monitoring the abuses of Human Rights and obtaining redress for victims of human rights abuse within the criminal justice system in England & Wales.

What does Conviction do?

Conviction promotes change within the Criminal Justice System through campaigning, policy work and advocacy, find out more about what we do.

Conviction Board

Find out about the Conviction Board, its members, its roles and responsibilities and dates of future meetings.

Corporate Publications

Read our annual report, business plan, financial performance reports, and the #TenStepPlan.

Senior Management Team

Details of the senior management structure of Conviction including job titles and names.

Our Work

Learn about what we're doing in relation to prisons, courts, probation, police and other key areas.