We are seeking Legal Support Volunteers

About the opportunity

Are you:

  • a law student or professional who can offer expertise in the day-to-day running of Conviction; or
  • a legal firm or chambers who could offer legal advice on an ad hoc, pro bono basis

Volunteers with legal backgrounds

We take our legal and moral responsibilities in running Conviction very seriously and we always welcome volunteers with experience of legal matters. Some of the legal aspects of running the site are handled routinely on a day to day basis by the admin team.

Legal firms that can offer advice

As from time to time there are cases which are more complicated, we would like to build a relationship with a legal firm or chambers that can advise us on an ad hoc basis on defamation, privacy (misuse of private information), data protection and other legal related matters.

About Conviction

Conviction promotes the sound administration of justice and proper administration of the law for the public benefit by providing advocacy and assistance to members of the public, informing and educating policymakers, monitoring the abuses of Human Rights and obtaining redress for victims of Human Rights abuse within the Criminal Justice System in England & Wales.

What are we looking for?

Volunteers with legal backgrounds

We often need to find service users legal representation last minute and at times are unable to do such. We would particularly like to hear from volunteers who would be interested in “gate-keeping” service users who may require assistance with submitting legal representations, appeal forms, CCRC Referrals and/or other legal support.

This part of our work often requires us to stand up, where necessary, to powerful people and institutions.

Legal firms that can offer advice

The ability to advise on copyright law and harassment law would also be an advantage. And we also on very rare occasions may need help as to how to respond to the threat of litigation.

Practical Considerations

Could you offer help in this area? Please do get in touch to discuss getting involved.

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